Jennifer Perry of Atlanta, Georgia writes:

“My client, Pam Weeks, wrote and produced the Pam & Buffy television shows for children for years. The show is now distributed nationally by NIMCO, an education products company.  Buffy is a 6-foot sheepdog costumed character and performed a live interactive show with Pam for 15 years at the American Adventures, a family entertainment park.

“Pam is in negotiations to create a new season of shows at a station in Tennessee and does special live shows around Atlanta at schools and churches. They do a lot of charity work, such as getting emergency dental work for children of very poor families.

“I can’t seem to get Pam & Buffy in any of the local media in Atlanta. They aren’t edgy and hip but just too wholesome.  Sometimes I think if Buffy smoked crack and Pam made rude body sounds, I could get them the cover of anynewspaper or magazine in Atlanta. But shows that teach responsibility, courtesy and kindness are, to use a movie term, box office poison. I’ve tried the local papers, magazines, even Atlanta Parent—zip, zero, zilch, nada!

“Can your Hounds help a fellow Hound in need?”

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posted On: 8/29/2006: 11:16 pm: By Joan